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A goalkeeper's dummy from Gladiator Sports perfects all your workouts. With a goalkeeper dummy you can create super realistic situations! Place the dummies in the 5 meter area for a realistic situation during a corner. Test the goalkeeper's reflexes and instincts by making it as difficult and lifelike as possible! Arrange the dummies like a wall so that you can practice on free kicks. The one who shoots improves and develops his shot while the goalkeeper gets a super realistic training! Improve dribbling with the ball by slaloming through the dummies. The goalkeeper dummy is suitable for multiple sports. Think of basketball, handball, hockey etc. 

User manual

  1. First fill the bottom of the goalkeeper dummy with water. This will hold about 15 litres. This will make the dummy stand up again when it falls.
  2. Then blow up the goalkeeper dummy with air. Take care not to inflate the dummy too much. The dummy may not exceed a length of 2.10 metres.
  3. Then test the dummy by knocking it over. When the goalkeeper dummy ends up in the right position again, it is ready to be used.
  4. On the sides of the goalkeeper dummy there are 2 handles. Move the dummy with 2 people using the handles.


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