Gladiator Sports Compression Socks

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Faster waste removal during and after exercise
Less edema (fluid retention) in the feet
Less arch sag
Less irritation to the tendon plate
Better circulation and less burning feet
Support for stretched ligaments and flaccid muscles

Indications for use

  • Ideal for diabetes
  • Ideal for winter feet and winter toes
  • For better disposal of waste products and carbon dioxide
  • The solution for people with varicose veins or oedema
  • Ideal in times of overload (also very suitable for preventive use)
  • The socks reduce the shock load effectively preventing muscle damage
  • Decreasing pressure of the ankle. This improves the transport of the blood, allowing waste products to be disposed of optimally and quickly.
  • The pressure of the compression socks is higher than many other brands of socks and therefore work more effectively on many fronts such as performance, prevention and recovery.
  • For an optimal blood circulation in the feet and ankles, guaranteeing a faster recovery after heavy exertion.
  • The solution for the "swollen feet feeling". To be used during the day and during sports
  • Ideal for heel spur, tendon plate irritation and Achilles tendon problems
  • The solution to prevent blisters when running!
  • Prevents the heavy and tired feeling in the legs
  • Ideal for osteoarthritis in the foot

Product Information Gladiator Sports Compression Socks

The Gladiator Sports compression socks are specially designed for all of the above complaints and are ideal for use during the day, while working and exercising! The compression socks differ from normal socks because they offer comfortable compression and they stimulate the blood circulation. Because of this, the above foot complaints will immediately become less, you can move pain-free again and complaints are prevented.

The compression socks have been used for years for burning feet, diabetes, winter feet, winter toes, swollen / swollen feet, heel spur, tendon plate irritation and Achilles tendon problems. The effects of the Gladiator Sports Compression socks are scientifically proven and have been used with great success by millions of people for years.

Less oedema (fluid accumulation) in the feet

Less irritation to the tendon plate

Support for stretched ligaments and flaccid muscles


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