Do you also support the Gladiator Foundation and with that one of our carefully selected organizations? The full profit of our Brambo collection is used to support the following great organizations and other projects:

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Every child deserves the chance to become a Gladiator, the "best" version of themselves. With this we cannot - and do not want to do anything else than give opportunities for more children. Your own arena, your own victory, your own victory. For everyone, the road to success is one of trial and error. That one moment when you reach your super goal is wonderful. For yourself, for the people around you and sometimes even for your fans. And although that road to that moment is often long for everyone, sometimes difficult and full of moments when you have to persevere despite the hardship, for many children this is even more difficult because they already start with a backlog.

A physical disadvantage, a mental disadvantage or a socio-cultural disadvantage. But those children also deserve to "overcome". The Gladiator foundation is committed to those kids on a project basis.

Gladiator uses the Gladiator Foundation to give the ideas behind Brambo a greater impulse and reach. Brambo's story starts with Brammetje. Bram is born with Down syndrome.

At the age of 4, he gets Leukemia and things are quickly going downhill for him. Walter, a family friend, is closely involved. When he notices on that Saturday evening that hope is actually being given up, he decides - if little Bram makes it - to do everything he can to make his recovery possible. Bram makes it through the chemos and treatments but there is a great delay in development. He cannot talk and does not become toilet trained. Specialists indicate that Dolphin Therapy can help him improve his disadvantage. The mission begins.

There will be a special Brambo goalkeeper glove on the market, of which all revenue will be used to go with Bram to Curaçao, where the dolphin therapy is given. Not only for Bram himself, but also for his 2 brothers, these will be 2 unforgettable weeks. After all, everything in those years was dominated by Bram. Bram is now 10 years old, very healthy and goes to school every day.

In the meantime, Brambo balls are also made in addition to the gloves, and also used for other handicapped children. For example, Only Friends is supported with goalkeeper gloves and various Para football teams are sponsored.

And now? Now it is time for the next step. We continue the philosophy behind the Brambo balls in the Gladiator Foundation. With this we cannot - and do not want to do anything else than give opportunities for more children.

Your own arena, your own win, your own victory.


Dolphin therapy

This is the story where it all started...

A story of a 4 year old kid named Bram. Born with down syndrom and diagnosed with leukemia. To work on his backlog dolfin therapy could really help him, except that's quite an expensive treatment. So a special goalie glove was introduced under the name BRAMBO. 

All sales revenue was used to go to Curacao as a familly and swim with the dolphins. 

In the picture you see Bram and his brothers, with our special Brambo balls. These balls were introduced in a later stage to help more kids like Bram. 

Dolphin therapy

Dutch CP team

The Dutch CP team, which played the Olympic Games for years and belonged to the world top, is sponsored by us. The team is supported with Brambo balls and of course the keepers are provided with Gladiator gloves.

Dutch CP team

Uwais, our gladiator!

This is little Gladiator Uwais. When we were pointed to his life story, we had to do something about it. This small, extremely strong Gladiator reminds us of our own Brambo.

Uwais was born with cardiac arrest at 27 weeks. Due to lack of oxygen, he has two strokes, a heart attack and damage to the pyramid pathways. He has acquired level 4 Cerberal Palsy from this. As a result, he has lagged considerably behind in motor and cognitive development. He is completely wheelchair dependent. The parents are on their own. Friends have now started a crowdfunding campaign. They are saving money for a wheelchair bus and they are well on their way.

It is precisely for these little Gladiators that our foundation was created. Our foundation would like to contribute to achieving their goal. From the first 100 hoodies that are now sold, the proceeds will go to this extremely strong toddler and his parents. Shop your hoodie soon and support this cool brave Gladiator.

Uwais, our gladiator!
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