Indications for use

  • Ideal for rheumatism and osteoarthritis
  • Ideal for pain caused by strains / sprains
  • Ideal for an overloaded shoulder
  • Ideal for tearing in the labrum
  • Ideal for ... More

Gladiator Sports Lightweight Shoulder Brace

€ 44,95
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Suitable for men and women
Easy to put on yourself and very breathable
The material absorbs sweat, keeping you dry
Best brace for maximum support for complaints for daily use, work and sports.
Special strap construction provides compression and stability to the shoulder, yet retains flexibility.
Equipped with a Velcro closure that ensures, among other things, the optimal fit and wearing comfort.
Brace with extra strap that you can put on for even more stability at the shoulder
The velcro, fit and material make it one of the most comfortable shoulder braces at the moment!
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