Our story

The supporters are bouncing. You feel the tension throughout the stadium. A grand cheering applause silences everything. What an extremely powerful feeling, you worked hard for this moment. You can't hold back your tears. In a flash, all those years of suffering, falling and getting up again, hours, days, months and years cross your mind. What an intense feeling of happiness.

And as you float on victory you realize that all those people who are now taking you on their shoulders don't know. Only you know the road you have traveled to this top. Your loved ones sympathized, your friends had to miss you so often and your fans only came when you were there. As an athlete you always strive for something. Your own virtual or real arena as a dot on the horizon. You do that from an innerdrive that only you know.

Before you are a Gladiator, you must first become one. That is often an invisible, lonely road. Become Gladiator is not just in the arena, but your supporter in that long road to your victory. And when you are there, we are still there, in the background, often invisible. We'll stay with you and join you on the way to your next victory.

The team behind Become Gladiator has experienced many victories in many sports. We know better than anyone: It's not about winning itself - it's about how you become a winner!


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