Gladiator Sports Compression Stockings

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The material is very soft and very breathable and is made of 93% Polyamide / Nylon and 7% Elastan.
The stockings provide more energy and less waste.
The graduated compression stimulates the circulation in your legs.
Equipped with special ventilation seams at the toes so that the feet never get hot when walking
The stockings have a flat toe seam and a soft and reinforced heel and toe piece. This prevents blisters during your workouts.

Gladiator Sports Compression Stockings

Indications for use
- Restores, prevents and reduces muscle cramps and muscle tears.
- Ideal in times of overuse (also very suitable for preventive use).
- Ideal for swelling (excessive moisture) and also ideal for sleep syndromes.
- For optimal blood circulation in the legs and calves, guaranteeing faster recovery after heavy exertion.
- Improvement of blood circulation during sports.
- Prevents the heavy and tired feeling in the legs
- High breathability, i.e. less warm legs
- Optimal support and assistance in training development
- For better disposal of metabolic waste and carbon dioxide
- Ideal for all problems of the calves/shins/feet and Achilles tendons, here are a few examples:
- Restores, prevents and reduces inflammation of the shin (shin splint)
- Ideal for people with varicose veins or oedema
- Restores, prevents and reduces Achilles tendon disease
- Fixes, prevents and reduces bruises (contact sports)


Special Features Gladiator Sports Compression Stockings (Black or White) (per pair)

Suffering from one of the above complaints? And looking for the best compression stockings for daily use and sports against the sharpest price? The Gladiator Sports Compression Stockings came out as best in our test of 16 brands! They have the best price / quality ratio, so it's no surprise that they are the most used compression stockings at the moment! The reason the Gladiator Sports Sport Compression Stockings came out as best in our test is because they offer the most comfortable and effective compression, have the best fit and the material is very breathable. They also have special ventilation seams at the feet, so they never heat up when running. 

The Gladiator Sports Sport Compression Stockings are perfect for all the above complaints, such as, heavy, swollen, painful and tired calves during sports, walking, biking or for injuries incurred during sports, for example, shin splints, cramps, contusions and even varicose veins. The Gladiator Sports Compression Stockings are being used with great success by thousands of people, and are highly recommended by our medical team! 

We recommend wearing the Gladiator Sports Compression Stockings during training, matches and after heavy efforts for the best results! 

The Gladiator Sports Sport Compression Stockings are being worn by thousands of people and many international professional athletes! 

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