Gladiator Sports Running Stockings

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Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,
you already benefit a lot from using the Gladiator Sports Sports compression stockings:
• Ideal for all calf / shin / foot and Achilles tendon problems, some examples below:
• Repairs, prevents and reduces inflammation of the shin splint (shin splint)
• Ideal for people with varicose veins or edema
• Repairs, prevents and reduces Achilles tendon disorders
• Repairs, prevents and reduces bruises (contact sports)
• Repairs, prevents and reduces muscle cramps and muscle tears
• Ideal for times of overload (also very suitable for preventive use)
• Ideal for swelling (excessive moisture) and also ideal for lodge syndromes.
• For optimal blood circulation in the legs and calves, which guarantees a faster recovery after heavy exertion
• Improvement of blood circulation during exercise
• Prevents the heavy and tired feeling in the legs
• Great breathability, m.a.g. less warm legs
• Optimal support and support in training development
• For a better removal of waste products and carbon dioxide

Product features

• Most used compression stocking! Suitable for all sports! Also for daily use!
• Came best in the test of no fewer than 16 brands!
• Best Price / Quality Ratio!
• Our bestseller in Europe!

Product information Gladiator Sports running compression stockings

Suffering from one of the above complaints and looking for the best compression stockings for all sports, running, and before or after sports for the best price? The Gladiator Sports Sports compression stockings came out as the best in the test of no fewer than 16 brands and have the best price / quality ratio and are therefore the most used sports compression stockings at the moment. The Gladiator Sports Sports compression stockings came out best in the test because the compression stockings offer the most comfortable and effective compression, have the best fit and the material is also very breathable (Also provided with special ventilation seams at the foot so that they never get hot when walking) and the fact that they also had the best price / quality ratio ensured that they came out on top in the test.
The Gladiator Sports Sports Compression Stockings are therefore ideal for all the above complaints such as heavy, swollen, painful and tired calves during sports and walking or cycling, or for injuries during sports or running, such as eg; shin splints, spasms, bruises and even varicose veins. The compression stockings are therefore used by millions of people in all the above indications and especially recommended by our medical team.

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