Gladiator Sports Glove Cleaner Wash

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improves the life and performance of your latex
it cleans the latex and improves the surface


The Gladiator Sports Glove Cleaner Wash improves the life and performance of your latex and keeps your goalkeeper gloves odor-free and clean.
Remove all dirt from the latex of your goalkeeper gloves with Gladiator Sports Glove Cleaner Wash. This spray uses a unique formula that cleans the latex, provides a longer life, improves the surface and prepares your gloves for a better game!

-Spray the glove cleaner on the palm of the glove immediately after playing. (spray 4 to 6 times)

Rub the spray in well while wearing the gloves

Wash the gloves under running warm water while rubbing the palms together.

-If your gloves are very dirty, keep repeating this process.

-When all debris is removed, rinse the gloves in warm water and squeeze the remaining water from the glove.

-Then let the goalkeeper gloves dry naturally. Try to keep the gloves away from direct sunlight

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