Sanna Veerman

Gladiator Sanna Veerman (19) belongs to the national selection and is one of the top gymnasts in the Netherlands. Sanna already has a good gymnastics history behind her, and she's determined to keeps practicing the sport she loves.

When Sanna was 7 years old, she started gymnastics. She started in Volendam at gymnastics club Mauritius. The gymnast has always excelled and has always trained with the best. During the time at Mauritius she always looked up to the older girls and thought to herself, "Someday I hope to be this good"

Sanna has experienced wonderful things during her gymnastics time and plans to add more beautiful moments to this. She has become Dutch champion several times and has participated in the European Championship and various international tournaments. These were great highlights of her gymnastics career.

We asked her which tournament or match had impressed her the most. This was during the European Youth Olympics Festival in Győr. Sanna was 15 at the time and really enjoyed the tournament. They had recreated a beautiful village and this created an airy atmosphere. The talented gymnast has finished high. Furthermore, Sanna was allowed to participate in a youth European Championship and Sanna even reached the final at the senior European Championship.

The road to the top is not automatic for anyone. Sanna, like several athletes, has had setbacks on the road. She has often suffered from injuries. But this uncertain corona period is also an obstacle on the way to getting even better. Luckily Sanna can still train. She now trains 30 hours a week in Amsterdam, but no tournaments and matches are organized during this period. Fortunately, Sanna is positive about it and continues what she always does. Exercise a lot, eat healthy and, above all, enjoy what she does.

The top gymnast has never been alone on her way to the top. Her friends, family and sponsors have always been behind her. For example, she said that her parents grew with her. Her parents used to think it was special that other gymnasts, but the training hours built up slowly so that you as parents grow with them.

In all these years Sanna has become very independent and has mainly learned to set goals and to go for them. Her dream is to compete in even more European and World Cups and her biggest dream is to ever shine at the Olympic Games.

For anyone who wants to chase their dreams, Sanna wants to share that there are many options if you want to go for something. She says the setbacks are part of life. Whether it concerns school, work or sports. Go for it.

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