Robbin Ruiter

"I had to wait a long time for my moment of fame. But If you show a strong winning mentality. You practice to play the game and not to sit on the couch. Being part of a team is not enough. You want to work all week to show what you can do at the day of the game. That is your moment of truth."

As a young boy I was too small for a goalkeeper. From 3rd keeper to 2nd to 1st and often just like 2nd keeper. Demote, wait, take your chances. And now I am 1st goalkeeper at Willem II, Tilburg. 

"If the result is not good, you might be dismissed. The disappointment is big and you start to doubt yourself and you are less stable. Of course you can talk to family and friends, but you have to process it yourself, do it yourself.

I had to learn that too; As a second keeper you have to wait for a chance and keep the pressure high for your competitor. You must always keep training, always give the best, because you can be the chosen one.

For a keeper the mental aspect is the most important. Perhaps many had a lot more talent than me. But if you are not committed, you won't make it. "

Robbin Ruiter (33 jaar), GoalKeeper  Willem II

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