Jessica Schilder


'The harder I push my boundaries, the more likely I will achieve my dream. It is that moment when I really can't breath anymore, can't walk anymore, for which I hope. Because if I continue then I know it will count.'

"When I was 16 I got the Olympic rings tattooed on my wrist after my 2nd place at the Youth European Championship. If things don't work out, that tattoo is my motivator. But above all it is also a mindset. You have to believe in it, know there is more to it.

My trainer has a hard of gold and is very sweet. But when I'm weight lifting and crying in pain, he has no pity at all for me - so as long as he doesn't say it's enough - I know I have to go even further, deeper.

From November to February I train 9 times 2.5 hours a week, the other months 6 to 7 times. When I was younger I improved my PR by about half a meter a year, now that I am over 18 meters, of course, that is much less. "

Jessica Schilder
Jessica Schilder


Jessica Schilder is the current Dutch Shot Put Champion with a distance of 18.27m.

With this she has qualified for the European Championship. To qualify for the World Cup, the limit of 18.30m. be reached, and for the Olympics a limit of 18.50m.



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