Wesley Vissers

His father was a great inspiration for Wesley. Big and strong. Welsey could do whatever his father could do. In the gym he saw and noticed what you had to do to become as bold as his dad.

A top bodybuilder saw in Wesley a great stage talent and guided him.

"Of course I was stage shy the first times. When you are waiting at the stairs for you to go up, the nerves come. You know that there will be hundreds of people looking at you. But when you are on stage that is gone. Then you focus on perfection, your routine, your poses. If that goes well, you can really enjoy it.

After the first time on that podium, I immediately won everything that could be won. Then I knew: this is what I was made for, this is my passion. During the "offseason" you will "grow". You then look at your previous performance and know what to improve. You have to have confidence in the process, sometimes you do not know whether you are making the right choices. The closer to the next goal, the better. In the last days before the next race I have to saturate my carbohydrates, then I have no strength left. When I walk in the supermarket with my mom, I can't keep up with her. That is tough, that is suffering.

Often people also say that you have to be selfish as a top athlete. That is also correct.

I often have to make selfish choices to get the most out of it. During the long preparation for a competition, you have a strict diet. You have to watch your diet in everything. Then when the match is over, the discharge comes. For me that is a fixed ritual. Together with family and friends we look for the best restaurant in the area and together enjoy the best food and the memories of the road to success. "

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