Gladiator Sports Wrist brace / Wrist support

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Productinformation: Gladiator Sports Wrist brace / Wrist support

Looking for the best wrist brace which fits comfortably inside your gloves and has flexible splints, for sports, working with your hands or skiing? Then the Gladiator Sports Wrist brace / Wrist support with Flexible Splints is the best choice for you! The Gladiator Sports Wrist brace / Wrist support with Flexible Splints came out as best in our test for sports and manual trades.. In addition, the Gladiator Sports Wrist brace / Wrist support with Flexible Splints is perfect for the treatment of the so-called gamekeeper's thumb (residual instability consequent to an injury on the inside of the thumb joint). The brace supports the thumb when the thumb joint has become unstable as a result of a ligament strain.

Indications for use:

  • Perfect for overstretching
  • Perfect during rehabilitation after surgery or trauma
  • Perfect for sprains/bruises/strains (torn ligaments)
  • Perfect for ligament injuries, including gamekeeper's thumb (skier's thumb / UCL tear)
  • Perfect for joint problems, specifically of the thumb base joint (MCP-I)
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