Indications for use


  • Ideal for severe sprained hairstyles and cruciate ligaments.
  • Ideal for severe joint disorders.
  • Ideal for quadriceps rupture
  • Ideal for optimal support after a fracture
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Gladiator Sports Knee Brace With Busks

€ 59,95
The material absorbs sweat, keeping you dry
Blood circulation is promoted. in order to speed up healing (if necessary).
Patella pressure point ensures that the kneecap and patellar tendon are optimally protected and held in place.
Lightweight hinges made of Aluminum, which makes the brace feel very light.
Hinges are woven into the brace! And do not come into contact with another.
Maximum support and stability, both sideways and forwards (overstretching also stopped)
The velcro, fit and material make it one of the most comfortable knee braces at the moment!
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