Gladiator Sports 3/4 Protective Pants - Goalkeeper Pants long

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Suitable for all sports, skiing, working and daily use! For ladies and gentlemen!
Worldwide bestseller! Due to unique deal now temporarily nowhere cheaper!
Equipped with protection pads for the hips

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you
you already benefit a lot from using the Gladiator Sports 3/4 protection pants / goalkeeper pants:
- Ideal to use for sports like soccer and handball
- Ideal for all problems at the groin, hamstring or thigh, below some examples:
- Ideal for problems at the groin
- Ideal for Hamstring / Quadriceps problems
- Ideal in case of overload
- Ideal during Rehabilitation (after e.g. surgery or trauma)
- Prevention in sports
- Prevents injuries after falls
- Restores, prevents and reduces muscle cramps and muscle tears
- Restores, prevents and reduces bruises (contact sports)
- Ideal for optimal support during training
- Ideal for optimal prevention of thigh injuries
- Ideal for circulation problems (also varicose veins)

Product information Gladiator Sports 3/4 Protective Pants - Goalkeeper Pants

The Gladiator Sports 3/4 protective pants is the 3/4 model of the extremely popular Gladiator Sports groin pants and have the same characteristics. So looking for the bescte protective pants / goalkeeper pants for all sports, skiing, running, working and perhaps for everyday use? Then we definitely recommend the Gladiator Sports 3/4 goalkeeper protective pants. The pants are chosen by specialists as the best compression pants at this moment! The effect of the Gladiator Sports compression pants are scientifically proven.
The Gladiator Sports compression pants came out best in the test because of the hDc Technology (more information below) and because the compression pants offer the most comfortable and effective compression, have the best fit and the material is also very breathable and the fact that they also had the best price/quality ratio ensured that the compression pants came out best in the test. The Gladiator Sports goalkeepers protective pants are ideal for all of the above complaints and are used by millions of people in all of the above indications and specially recommended by our medical team.
The Gladiator Sports long compression pants focuses on the large muscle groups to promote fast recovery. It reduces the build-up of lactic acid in the muscle tissue. Due to the special structure you stay dry and fresh, the textile quickly spreads the sweat on the surface, while the comfortable fit also prevents irritation to the skin. 

Product Advantages

When you exercise, you want moisture in and not on your body. The hDc Technology from Gladiator Sports is an intelligent, moisture wicking fabric that breathes easily and abundantly. hDc pulls sweat away from your skin and breaks it down for quick evaporation. So you will stay cool in warm environments and stay warm in cold conditions, making the shirt suitable for both summer and winter.
The Gladiator Sports 3/4 protection pants has a number of unique properties:
- The effect of Gladiator Sports pants has been scientifically proven.
- Muscles are heated and stabilized in temperatures below 7°C.
- Body heat is retained and blood circulation is improved.
- The hDc technology regulates body temperature through optimal moisture transport and increased ventilation, which ensures a "dry feeling". 
- Equipped with UPF 30+ and protects your skin against harmful solar radiation.
- 4-way stretch fabric for more freedom of movement in all directions
- The material removes the sweat very quickly so that it is very fine.
- Anti Odor technology prevents the growth of bacteria that produce sweat air


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