Gladiator Cool - The Cool Towel

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€ 9,95
Made from a highly absorbent, eco-friendly cooling fabric.

The Gladiator Cool - Cool Towel will cool you down for up to 3 hours. The Cool Towel can be kept cool in the special designed towel purse, ready for immediate usage.

Description Gladiator Cool - The Cool Towel

Many studies have shown that wearing a cooling towel can improve physical and mental health throughout the day. This of course also applies to other cooling products such as cooling vests, cooling bandanas etc.

Wearing a cooling towel can cause, among other things:

  • A lower heart rate
  • Less fluid loss
  • More energy
  • Better concentration

Cooling Towel during sports

While exercising in the heat, wearing a cooling towel is ideal for getting better results. Because you cool the body during exercise you have more condition, better reaction time and more energy. A cooling towel will ensure that you score that extra point or run those extra few miles.

Cooling Towel during work

In many workplaces people are exposed to the full sun. People working on construction sites, for example, are constantly exposed to the full glare of UV radiation and heat. This causes the temperature of the body to rise. This can eventually result in heat illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion or heat rash. This is also called heat stress. Wearing a cooling towel is an effective solution to prevent heat stress.

Wearing a cooling towel at work provides more energy while working, better concentration and higher reaction time. This makes for a better work experience for yourself, as well as for your employees.

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