Brambo Football YB

EAN: 8720195933304
€ 12,50
Training ball 350 grams
Made of high-quality Japanese PU
Suitable for grass and artificial turf
Size 5


The idea of ​​the Brambo ball arose after the success of the Brambo glove. Brambo is a reference to Bram van den Boogaard, the extremely strong little toddler from Erp has Down syndrome and has overcome leukemia in recent years.

Brambo is also a nod to Rambo because Bram and his family got through this wretched battle so bravely. From the proceeds of the Brambo glove, Bram has followed a very successful dolphin therapy that should give him the final push towards full recovery.

His developmental delay must be made up and those difficult years must be given a place. And we think that the dolphin therapy has worked out well. Now that we have properly completed the project of our little hero with Down syndrome, it was time for our next project.

Our frustration that there are a lot of balls on the market of poor quality and the knowledge that the g-football players are always the underestimated child has made us decide to develop a series of top balls to address both problems. We are going to sell as many balls as possible, so that we can market a nice product and we will use the proceeds to support as many G-football players as possible.

This can be in the form of balls, but also in other necessary training materials. Bram will always remain the face and mascot of our company and we will of course always support him in the future where necessary.

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